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Ek Niwas Darbar is open to all and every one is welcomed here.

It does not matter which religion, color or race you belong to, suffering knows no boundaries.

Hence,  Ek Niwas combine all our love, energy, prayers and worship for the betterment of all mankind and to alleviate human sufferings and helplessness.


Ek Niwas was founded in November 1990 and registered as a charity on the 10th June 1996.


To advance religion.

To promote education of people who are in need and unable to gain employment due to their social and economic circumstances.


To advance education by providing advice and guidance, upon question of housing, social welfare benefits, unemployment and related topics.


Through prayer and worship to offer spiritual guidance, healing and uplifting for the unwell and the needy.


To unite all human beings as we belong to one father - It does not matter which color; faith, religion, creed or what part of the world we come from.

To educate that God is one and only the name may differ from religion to religion and country to country.


To convey the message that there is only One Supreme Almighty God whom we call by many names, and in whose projection of love, empathy and understanding we should live within.


 Almighty God created the earth as a home for all his living creatures, he did not divide the earth, but man in his greed has.


That all religions of the World are right in their own way and we must never criticize or undermine them.


To help develop the understanding and to be inspired by the selfless service, offered by His Holiness Baba Ji and Her Holiness Mata Ji.

To provide information about different projects that Ek Niwas runs for the benefit of the human being.

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